Internationalization is the key to increased growth of the local ICT industry. The domestic market is divided between the competitors; growth and increased sales are possible only through takeovers of competitors or by extending the business area to international markets.

Enterprises that do business internationally can more flexibly react to global market and customer developments than can companies who restrict themselves to national markets. Highly-specialized small and medium-size ICT companies that successfully occupy niches in Germany often do not take advantage of their opportunities for growth. In particular the export of products, services, and solutions holds immense potential in this regard.

BICCnet has set for itself the tasks of positioning Bavaria as a competence leader internationally and identifying interesting markets for domestic companies. Through cluster collaboration on the European level, BICCnet supports Bavarian ICT companies very specifically in developing new markets.

In the area of internationalization particular focus is placed on the topic Smart CITY. Four European regions have joined together via the EU project CLINES to form the European Strategic Cluster Partnership "SmartCityTech" to network their companies and research institutions and thus to offer outstanding solutions for smart cities internationally. BICCnet is part of the aggregation for the Bavarian ICT companies and universities, it organizes innovation workshops conducted by international experts, and it has established the Bavaria Smart City interest group.

Sascha Stöppelkamp