Initiation of cooperation

Initiation of cooperation

"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." (Henry Ford)

Networking, B2B meetings, open space, cooperation exchanges or simply just communicative coffee breaks: These are the new and the well-established methods for initiating and extending business relationships. In particular it is the often random discussions that come about in the breaks that provide impetus for new cooperation between Bavarian ICT companies. Medium-size enterprises can survive long-term in a global competitive environment when they acquire detailed and current industry knowledge, concentrate on their core competencies, and work together with similarly structured enterprises that supplement their own profile.

Direct, regular, and sustainable targeting of the BICCnet enterprises, as well as invitations to workshops or work groups offer possibilities that can be developed by the companies. BICCnet selectively brings different regional IT providers together to provide comprehensive solution offerings (hardware, networks, software, training, etc.) for medium-size business users. Meetings with matching participant profiles guarantee a "good fit".

In this process, an intensified collaboration of regional IT enterprises along the value creation chain supports development of potential in the area of flexible specialization, and provides vertical innovation networks. Through this measure an increased competitive ability in the regional and also the international context is achieved, and this turn contributes to the stability of the companies, and it contributes to the assurance and creation of jobs.

BICCnet serves as a communication platform; the cluster stakeholders are the driving force behind the cooperation activities.

Sascha Stöppelkamp