ZD.B Research Day

ZD.B Research Day

With the "ZD.B Research Day", BICCnet introduces key computer science research areas to you at various Bavarian academic departments.

Models of cooperation are presented that enable collaboration with academic departments for small, medium-size, and large enterprises. In this regard our objective is to support companies that would like to enter into research and development cooperations with universities.

For larger enterprises it is a matter of course: To further the collaboration with colleges and universities for joint research and development projects that involve their own products and services. But for smaller and medium-size companies a cooperation with research institutions is also interesting and important in order to keep pace with the times. You can gain a crucial market advantage through collaboration with colleges and universities, particularly when the cycles of innovation are becoming ever shorter.

Learn about the experiences of the project partners in the introduced research and development projects and cooperations between the academic departments and companies. Learn how you also can participate in, and profit from R&D projects with research institutions. Take advantage of our offering for making new contacts that extend beyond existing industries, fields of technology, and value creation chains.

Be inspired by the different research focus areas and research cooperations. And then decide which cooperation possibilities might be of interest for you.

Sascha Stöppelkamp