The cluster, BICCnet works to assure the growth of information & communication technology (ICT) in Bavaria.

BICCnet – the Bavarian Cluster for Information & Communications Technology – furthers the inter-networking of ICT enterprises, as well as the networking with research institutions and the Bavarian Digitalization Center promotes the reciprocal transfer of knowledge. Here focus is placed on innovative technologies and topics, such as blockchain, data analytics, and AI.

In addition the cluster supports ICT enterprises with their positioning in an increasingly global context. Thus the cluster should provide assistance – also for small and medium-sized business in particular – in taking advantages of growth opportunities. Here BICCnet concentrates on the topic of smart systems for smart cities within the framework of the Smart City Tech Partnership (SmartCityTech.eu).

Centers of gravity for the operative cluster work are:

  • Extension and cultivation of a contact network for ICT companies in Bavaria to innovative technologies and topics.
  • Networking with partner clusters in Europe and worldwide
  • Initiation of research and development cooperations between industry and science
  • Stimulating the collaboration with user industries via the ZD.B topic platforms, Bavarian clusters, and IT networks, as well as chambers of industry and commerce and industry associations
  • Initiation of events and workshops devoted to ICT technology topics

Associated project:

  • Smart City Tech: The city of the future needs intelligence through highly networked embedded systems: Such systems include the environment and, for example, regulate flows of traffic or energy. Nine leading regions for smart systems in Europe are networking with each other in the Smart City Partnership.

If you are looking for ICT collaborations in Bavaria, specifically in the thematic areas listed above, do not hesitate to contact us.